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Glove inSite provides professionel service to public and private clients.

My experience and network enables me to provide the service you need when you buy, sell or use different types of gloves.

I will support you whenever you have questions about gloves for professionel use.

Explore the services below.


These are the services i can offer you:

Tender support

Do you want to make sure, that the glove you buy on your tenders, are suitable for the tasks they are going to be used for? Then I can assist you in setting the right product requirements for the gloves.

The road to the uncomplicated tender


It is a jungle out there. There are a lot of different manufacturers offering gloves at many different price levels. Through many years of experience, I can guide you through that jungle and find the product you need at a fair price.

Get the advantage of a large network of glove manufacturers

Glove evaluation

Do you need a professional evaluation of your glove? I can test your product as well as the documentation that you have for the gloves. This enables you to see whether there is connection between product and documentation.

Teach me the connection between documentation and gloves

Training and education

Do you want to increase your sales of gloves, or do you need to understand different requirements? I offer training and education in many different areas concerning the sales, purchase, legislation or much more around gloves.

Receive the training you need to make an educated choice

How to choose the right glove

Are you sure that the glove you are offering your employees offers the right protection? Let me check the gloves you use, or I can give you some tools that can be used to make sure you are using the right gloves.

Tools to find the right glove