How to choose the right glove

How to choose the right glove

Are you sure that the employees are using the correct gloves?

One single glove cannot be used for all tasks. When you made the workplace risk assessment I am sure that you chose a glove suitable for the task. To make sure that this is still the best choice of glove both for protection of the worker, but also from an economic point of view, I can evaluate the gloves, and find out whether there are better alternatives available.

It can be quite difficult to know all the standards and regulations for the use of gloves, but I have a nerd in standards for years, therefore it is easier for me to see through it. I am up to date with all changes in standards. You will get a competent and honest evaluation, and I will not ask you to change anything that works, unless there is a danger in keeping to the old.

Call me, and let us see how I can assist you in optimizing your glove purchase and make sure you have the best and safest gloves for your employees.

Accidents hurt – safety doesn’t.

Do you need help to choose the right glove? Contact me and I can help you

How to choose an examination glove

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