My mission is to give you tools to live up to regulatory requirements as easy as possible, and to guide you to make it a part of your daily work, without complicating matters.


I fundamentally believe that people do not resist change if they understand the cause. I am here with the mission that people needs to understand better why requirements set in the regulations for Medical devices and Protective Equipment are essential for user safety!

Do not take any risk. Safeguard yourself, your brand and users.

Who am I?

Since 1993 I have been involved in the glove industry in various positions. Working in the inter-section of manufacturers, distributors and users not only gives me a deep understanding of how to meet the needs and requirements of everyone that make, sell or use gloves, but also a wide network among key persons, companies and institutions both in Asia and Europe.
2007 I joined the European working group that sets the standards for medical single use gloves in Europe. I have been Chairman of the Danish mirror comitee since 2013.

It makes me proud to see me and my colleagues' passion for user safety be reflected in the standards that all Europeans benefit from.

As a very important part of working in this industry I also had to learn about the Regulations for Medical Devices (MDR) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPER).

Therefore today I guide customers in how to get the correct documentation, tests and build up their quality system, to be a part of their everyday work. It always seems very complicated to build up these systems, but when it is fitted into your organisation as it is today, it will be an extra tool for you instead of a millstone around your neck.

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