Professional expertise does not come by itself. Often you have a lot of knowledge about gloves, but need inspiration from others or need the latest information about legislation, standards, safe glove selection etc. I can offer tailored presentations and workshops based on your organization and needs

Tender Support

If you want to make sure that the glove you buy on your tenders are suitable for the tasks they are used for, then I can help you set the right product requirements for the gloves.

The right glove

When choosing a glove to wear you need to identify the risk of the task first. Here you can find relevant tools in your choice for hand protection.


A universe of knowledge about protective and medical gloves. You can follow relevant topics in the blog.


I have worked with Rikke in connection with the tender of examination gloves at Southern Denmark. In preparation for the tender, Rikke has been a competent sounding board, with a very great knowledge of single use gloves, she has therefore been able to provide competent feedback on relevant product requirements, tests etc.

Rikke has been focused on the results achieved that secured a glove in good quality, and she has been objective and sober in her approach in the whole process. As a Global Category Manager at Abena, she lifted the level of documentation for the products at a level only seen by known manufacturers like Ansell, Mölnlycke, etc. Rikke has with her vast knowledge and professional approach produced good results.

I have worked with Rikke in the national working group for the EN 455 standards. Here, she took natural leadership role as chairman of the working group. The passion for fighting for the right requirements and ensuring the good quality was evident. She has fought for her point of views in the European working group, and mastered the political game to secure a majority.

Erik Riis Krogh

Market and Tender Coordinator, Zibo Athene A/S


Rikke Nygaard from the company Glove inSite held an inspiring presentation about gloves at the annual general meeting for Dentists at district 6

Before the meeting I know a little about the different glove types (latex, nitrile, vinyl), but could after the presentation better understand the importance of selecting the correct glove for the intended use.

Also the importance of the CE-labelling, partly protecting against chemicals, bacteria and virus, depending on which type of glove you are using

All in all a good brush-up seminar, which can push you out of the habitual thinking when it comes to gloves.

Kim Wrensted Jensen